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CP Rail freight cars plunge into Ontario river after train derails

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SUDBURY, Ont. — Canadian Pacific says there is no indication that a freight train derailment east of Sudbury on Sunday poses a danger to the public or the environment.[np_storybar title=”CP Rail chief Harrison fires back at union critics over safety concerns” link=”https://business.financialpost.com/2013/05/22/get-ready-to-deal-with-fear-cp-rail-chief-harrison-fires-back-at-union-critics-over-safety-concerns/”%5D“Our culture as I see it is about accountability and consequences. People got a job to do, and if they do it well, they’re going to be rewarded. That’s part of the consequences,” Hunter Harrison said at a conference in New York Wednesday. Read more. [/np_storybar]CP spokesman Ed Greenberg says one of the rail cars derailed and as a result struck a trestle bridge near the community of Wanup.Images of the scene showed the bridge collapsed and a number of cars carrying containers fell into the Wahnapitae River.Greenberg says preliminary inspection of the containers indicates there are no materials or products that pose any danger.He says roughly 24 containers were involved and there were no injuries in the mishap.He says CP crews are working with local officials to determine the condition of the containers and which ones actually made contact with the water.The initial investigation by CP has found one of the rail cars had an unexpected wheel bearing failure that caused the derailment just before the trestle bridge, Greenberg said in an email.“Our early investigation indicates this incident is the result of an unexpected and catastrophic wheel bearing failure that could not have been detected in advance,” Greenberg said.Canadian Pacific has a network of electronic inspection systems that didn’t detect any problem with the rail car wheels or bearings prior to the derailment, he added.The Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team of investigators to the scene to investigate the accident. read more

Annan urges Somali factions to pursue peace

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Stressing that no amount of goodwill and external support will bring peace to Somalia, the Secretary-General writes in a report released today that, “Outsiders can help, but only Somalia’s leaders can decide to end the suffering of their people and only they can decide to negotiate an end to the conflict.”Mr. Annan underscores concern about the proliferation of arms in Somalia, and calls for efforts to disarm and reintegrate Somali youths. He urges concerted international action to end the impunity with which armed groups continue to harass humanitarian and development agencies, causing further suffering to civilians and communities. He also calls on the authorities to ensure that aid workers are able to perform their tasks without fear of harm or any form of harassment.While hailing the fact that many of the 400,000 Somalis in exile have begun to return home with the help of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Secretary-General warns of the large gap between the needs of returnees and their potential opportunities. “Unless this issue is resolved, the return of exiled populations is likely to continue to constrain the recovery process,” he cautions. Calling international funding for Somalia “disappointing,” the Secretary-General appeals to countries to generously support humanitarian and recovery efforts for the country. read more

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