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Ukrainebased mineral sands operation orders Multotec spiral concentrators

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first_imgUkraine-based Velta LLC has placed an order with Multotec for the supply of NHM and SC20 spiral concentrators to process minerals from an operation in the Birzulovo ilmenite deposit in South Ukraine. Delivery is scheduled for the end of October 2011 and Multotec engineers, together with representatives from Multotec’s local distributor, DIN, will be deployed to the site to supervise installation and commissioning.“This is one of the biggest projects of its kind in the country in recent years and is being supervised by the new government of the Ukraine to revive its national mineral sands sector,” Dean Lincoln, General Manager – Marketing and Business Development at Multotec, says. “A recent order from India for a similar industry, together with this prestigious order from Velta, has firmly positioned us as one of the leading players in the international heavy mineral and minerals sands markets.“The Multotec NHM spiral was developed specifically to treat low grade mineral sands. It is one of our latest offerings for maximum recovery of heavy minerals.”The Multotec NHM spiral is a modification and replacement of the previous SC22 spiral. The pitch of the Multotec NHM spiral is shallower to accommodate low grade heavy mineral sands. With a trough of 700 mm diameter, this spiral has the capacity to handle between 1 to 2.3 t/h dry solids tonnage at a weight solids dilution of 30 to 35%.The spiral trough comprises of 7¾ turns and is fitted with sliding splitters on turns three and five. The spiral can be configured to a maximum of a triple start arrangement and is fitted with a universal product box. The Multotec NHM spiral is ideally suited for low grade feeds and is best suited for rougher and scavenger type applications, where the feed grade is traditionally low.The Velta order comprises two banks of 12 Multotec NHM spiral concentrators on the rougher stage, specified to handle 150 t/h, and two banks of the same spirals on the cleaner stage. Scavenger 1 will have one bank of 10 Multotec NHM spirals, Scavenger 2, one bank of 14 Multotec NHM spirals and Scavenger 3, one bank of 10 Multotec SC20 high capacity spirals. Recleaner 1 and 2 will have one bank of 14 and 10 Multotec SC20 high capacity spirals respectively. All spirals will be supplied complete with gravity distributors and product collection launders.“Processing of mineral sands takes place in an extremely corrosive environment and calls for equipment capable of withstanding these conditions,” Lincoln says. “Over the years, Multotec has developed a comprehensive range of equipment specifically for these demanding environments. Launders, for instance, have polyurethane linings for wear as well as polypropylene shells, which significantly decrease the effects of corrosion. Another advantage of these products is that they are extremely lightweight.”Similarly, spirals produced by Multotec have been designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. Since introducing these units to the market in the mid-1980s, the company has supplied numerous installations in the chrome, iron ore, coal and mineral sands industries.“Several differentiating factors have been included in our designs, such as the use of special bonding agents which prevent delamination,” Lincoln comments. “This ensures continuous high performance, as well as the mechanical integrity of spirals.last_img read more